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Love. Diligence. Grace. Growth.

Love. Diligence. Grace. Growth.  These are words I find myself repeating often.  One day at a time, Ben and I are building this dream called Artful Kids Club.  Some days, it feels like we make a millimeter of progress.  Other days there’s a joyful leap of connection and growth.  Always, what keeps me humming on the inside is the belief that modern kids need art.  Not just a smidge or a splatter, but an abundance of support to learn and become.

Behind the scenes, we’re a small company with a lot of heart.  We don’t have a fancy office or a big staff.  In fact, it’s just us: a family, an artistic legacy, and deep faith in the value of creativity.

In fact, it’s just us: a family, an artistic legacy, and deep faith in the value of creativity.

Meet Ben: my partner in all of life.  Like me, Ben’s a second generation artist.  From an early age, drawing came naturally to him.  But he also cultivated it.  Constantly sketching, he mastered perspective and character design by the time he was a teen.  With a dual interest in technology and visual design, Ben does all the video production, graphic art and pretty much everything that makes Artful Kids Club (AKC) function online.  I’m amazed at his ability to find unique solutions for AKC, and his laser focus on quality and function, down to the finest detail.  I have to add that if your kids are interested in comics, illustration or advanced drawing, Ben’s classes on Masterpiece Monthly are amazing!

An aside: I initially got to know Ben because of a website he designed!  It was called the Sole of Africa, for a client he was serving in Los Angeles at that time.  The client was raving about the “brilliant young man” who made the site, and I could see why.  I’d never known anyone who could make a digital image that had the feel of a painting.  It was like you could sense the brushstrokes through the pixels.  Whoever made that design was someone I wanted to meet.  Flash forward 15 years and I’m still mesmerized by Ben’s art.  Thank you Sole of Africa!

Here’s Me: Like Ben, I’m a second generation artist.  As a kid, I was torn between wanting to grow up to be an Ambassador (because I love languages, diplomacy and world cultures) or an Artist (because, that’s just who we are in my family).  Perhaps I find my identity at the crossroads: an Ambassador for the Arts who helps kids navigate and nurture their creative potential!

Love. Diligence. Grace. Growth.  Whatever you may be facing today, I give you these four words.  Please, don’t give up on your dreams.  Don’t give up on you.  

Thanks for reading and for supporting us on the journey.  

Artfully and with love,



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