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April Lessons for Masterpiece Monthly

Spring is here and we’re celebrating with a focus on three African-American artists we think everyone should know about!

Henry Ossawa Tanner‘s life spanned from just before the American Civil War to the late 1930s. His art masterfully blended American Realism with the nuances of French Impressionism.

Masterpiece Monthly Subscribers get to re-create their own version of Henry Ossawa Tanner’s Landscape with Irises!

Clementine Hunter (1886-1998) was a self-taught artist from Louisiana. Clementine’s narrative paintings tell intricate stories of the life she lived. Her life was fraught with hardship, yet her paintings show the depth of her heart and compassion.

In Picking Pecans, we emphasize close looking and careful drawing, as we build a narrative artwork of our own that brings us up close to a hard-working afternoon of harvesting nuts from the trees.

Benny Andrews (1930-2006) inspires a lesson called Man with Trumpet. Benny grew up in a sharecropping family in rural Georgia. He went on to achieve many honors in his artistic career. Benny did much to promote better representation of people of color and women in museums and galleries, and to encourage artists of all ages to use art as a way to tell their story. His elongated figures move gracefully across his paintings, adding whimsy and color even when the subject matter is weighty.

Our project emphasizes awareness of sunlight and shadows on the main figure of a tall Man with Trumpet.

Finally, our fourth lesson taught by Mr. Ben, gives you a hand with Drawing Hands! Hands can be tough to master, so Mr. Ben breaks it down in simple, logical steps. You might just surprise yourself and others as you practice and perfect this important drawing skill!

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One winner gets a $25 gift card to Michaels. And we love to celebrate kids from all over the world who are taking part in Artful Kids Club, Masterpiece Monthly by featuring them in our online gallery!

Unlock your Subscription today for just $20! You’ll get access to these exciting new lessons, plus our existing library. It’s easy, fun and deeply rewarding as you grow in your knowledge of the wide world of art!


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