Submission Guidelines for Gallery/Contest

Submission Guidelines: we welcome kids from everywhere to enter our Monthly Online Gallery and Art Contest! Unless otherwise stated, the deadline for submission is at the end of each calendar month. Here are the rules:

  1. Submissions must be inspired by one of our lessons on Masterpiece Monthly. Access our Free Trial or become a Subscriber. Either way, kids choose a lesson of interest, complete the lesson, trim and “frame” the art (if applicable), and get a good quality photo of it. You can choose a photo that features the Kid Artist holding up the art, or just focus on the artwork, or share both.
  2. Email the photo along with the following info to First Name (or a psuedonymn or no name – we will only use what you feel comfortable sharing), kid’s age and the city or region or state you are from, and a title for the art work. Feel free to add a sentence or two about what your child liked about the project or what was learned.
  3. Look out for a notification via email! If your kid is selected to be featured in an upcoming Gallery and/or chosen as the Kids Art Contest winner, we’ll let you know! Featured Artists will have their work digitally framed and showcased in our online gallery. Plus, one winner each month gets an e-gift card to, so your art supply kit can grow and inspire more masterpieces!
  4. Prior to announcing and sharing, we will check in with you to be sure you approve of any media featuring your kiddo. As parents ourselves, we take kids’ safety seriously and want you to have the final say on your kids’ image and artwork.


We've got several resources for you, in addition to ongoing article series!

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For Schools: Check out the Artisan Curriculum